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Health IT Fact Sheet:
Health IT For You

Consumer Pamphlet:
Learn More About EHRs
10 Tips to Becoming an Empowered Patient Handout
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EHRs - What You Need to Know
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Tri-Fold Brochure:
EHRs - What You Need to Know
(Spanish Version)

Consumer Guidebook:
EHRs: What You Need to Know
Consumer Health IT Fact Sheet:
Using Technology to Manage Your Health Care
Consumer Handout:
Health IT: Advancing America's Health Care
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Consumer Fact Sheet:
Be One in a Million Hearts

Make Notes & Take Notes
Use this sheet to take notes during your doctor visits to help avoid medication errors
Consumer Tipsheet
10 Steps for Success:
Managing Your Medicines


Medication Safety Booklet
Medication Safety Training
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Consumer Engagement Guide
Personal Health IT
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Consumer & Caregiver Info Sheet
Using Technology to Manage Your Health Care

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Blue Button for Patients​

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Mobile Apps for Consumers


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Learn About Rx Safety - E-Prescribing: Fast, Convenient and Safer

Health IT for Patients & Families - Visit for a wealth of great consumer-related health IT information and resources.


Consumer Health IT Stories:

The best way to understand the value of health IT can be through personal testimonials from consumers and patients who have personal experiences using it to improve their health and health care. These videos are a small excerpt which represent many personal stories of consumers using e-Health and health IT tools to manage their care.

I’ve Seen the Disaster Averted”

HospitalDottie Bringle, R.N., is a hospital executive in Joplin, MO. Three weeks before Joplin's devastating tornado in May 2011, her hospital completed a switch to an EHR – so even though her hospital building was destroyed, doctors and nurses were able to provide care to Joplin residents in their time of need. Read about the benefits of EHRs


I Want My Kids to Have the Best Care”

Mother and daughterLilianne Wright, upon hiking in the Grand Canyon, suffered from severe stages of diabetic ketoacidosis, which brought her to the brink of death. Ms. Wright recovered, but found that managing her disease was and still is complicated, because her doctors can't easily share her medical records. Today, her two children are reaping the benefits of EHRs. Read how EHRs benefit patients


I Beat Cancer So I Could Dance at My Daughter’s Wedding”

Father and daughter dancingDave deBronkart read that he had only 24 weeks to live when his kidney cancer was discovered. But he beat the odds with the help of information gleaned from an online network for cancer patients. Now, as "e-Patient Dave," he encourages other patients to get involved with their own health care, starting with EHRs. Watch ePatient Dave tell his story  To view more Health IT Stories from other patients across the country, please visit


Health IT Videos

Putting the I in Health IT
This video provides inspiring patient testimonials and informational interviews with representatives from the government on how health IT makes a difference in consumers' lives.
Putting the I in

Ensuring the Security of Electronic Health Records
It is vital to do as much as possible to protect sensitive health information in EHRs. Find out more about how providers are keeping individual health information safe and secure through cybersecurity.
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Your New Rights Under HIPPA

HIPAA protects the privacy of your health information and gives you access to it. Watch this video to learn about the changes that have been made to that law, giving you new and important rights.
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Health IT For You: Giving You Access to Your Medical Records When and  Where They're Needed 
Are you hearing that your health and medical records may become available online? Have you heard your doctor talk about electronic health records (EHRs), but aren't sure what that means for you? This is all part of health IT. Watch this 3 minute video to find out how health IT—including EHRs—can help provide a complete and secure picture of your medical records. Learn about the future of health IT and how you may be able to securely access your family's medical records online, schedule doctor appointments online, review health test results online, and track chronic conditions with your doctor without having to make the trip to the doctor's office. Please click on the links below to view the video in English and Spanish.

English Version                                     Spanish Version


Links to Health Care Mobile Applications

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iBlueButton is a mobile app that gives you control over your health care by making available on your mobile device your Blue Button health records from Medicare, insurance plans, other patient portals, x-ray images and other vital medical records. It allows you to share these records with your physician, no matter where you see them, directly from your mobile phone or iOS device to your health care provider's iPad.


Quest DiagnosticsGazelle® is a mobile health application by Quest Diagnostics that empowers patients to take control of their health data. Gazelle® allows patients to have access to their laboratory testing data and create medication reminders to proactively manage their health and wellness. Gazelle® enables patients to input emergency contact information and pertinent medical information in case of an emergency and allows them to share this information easily, via fax, e-mail or Blue Button.

Screen shot of MyMedList app

MyMedList (MML) allows users to manage their medication list and control access to it. The personal medication list can be printed out to share, can be mailed to a relative, can serve as a reminder to the individual for taking medications, or be shown as reference information in doctor’s offices or hospitals.

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Health Hotlines is a community service mobile app to help the public locate health-related information. It is a directory of almost 9,000 organizations with toll-free telephone numbers.

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The CDC tablet app brings important health information to your fingertips. It features health articles, background on the ‘disease of the week,’ popular journals, timely updates and features real time updates from CDC’s social media accounts.

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52 Weeks for Women’s Health contains information on 52 health topics. The app also allows you to keep track of personal health information like medications, allergies and well-being.

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MicrosoftHealthVault is a trusted place for people to gather, store, use and share health information online.


RxmindMe Prescription/Medicine Reminder & Pill Tracker is a free app that will help you to stay on top of your medications.  It will remind you when to take your meds, when it is time to re-fill or re-order your medications, and will even allow you to take a photo of each pill and store it in the app.

Cover art Glucose Buddy: Diabetes Log is a data storage utility for people with diabetes.  Users can log their BG, carbs (food), medication (Insulin dosages), activities, A1C, blood pressure and weight. 

iTriage was developed by two ER doctors to empower people to make better health care choices.  This app will help you evaluate your symptoms, learn about possible causes, find appropriate facilities, get quality reports and more.

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Emergency Medical Center Locator (EMCL) is a free app that helps you find the specialized emergency medical center closest to you.  There are 6 specialty areas in the EMCL app: Trauma, Stroke, Eye, Pediatric and Burn.


Do you or your kids have food allergies? AllergyEats! is a free app that serves as your online guide to allergy-friendly restaurants.